PASSIONATE parent...
By Ed & Betty Coda

Keep Passion Alive After the Children Arrive

Yes, it is really possible to be great parents and a loving, passionate couple. When you set your intentions and take sincere, positive actions you can still create and sustain the level of joy and excitement that originally drew you together.

Through their heartfelt and inspiring book, Passionate Parent Passionate Couple, Ed and Betty Coda provide you with practical wisdom and moving insights about how you can:

  • Create a foundation of love, trust and support that pulls your family together
  • Rejoice in your children and strengthen your marriage through parenting
  • Develop clear, honest communication skills that include fun and humor
  • And so much more

“Ed and Betty have lived the concepts shared in this book. Having known their family for more than 17 years we see the love and joy in their relationship and now in their children’s families. This book contains the secrets to having a joyful, loving, and fulfilling family life.”

─ Ed & Sybilla Alexander


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