How do I want to be romanced, and HDIFSTWY?

How do I want to be romanced, and HDIFSTWY?

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My lover Betty, YMEQ is your openness and joy in our lovemaking. This morning I feel so loved. Sweetheart, when I think of being romanced by you I think most of laughter and fun. I love our private jokes, our secret under that breath kidding of kids and grandkids “Say hi to the boogie man for me!” I love your giggle and the way you laugh at my silly jokes. I love it when you put your arm around me especially when we are standing together in public. I loved how we played Rummy-cube just between the two of us last night! What I’m getting as I write this, I am easy to please. I find things that only we do, say or have to be very romantic and enticing. It’s our little world of intimacy. All of these little things open my desire for you and put a sparkle in my eye especially when I see the sparkle in your beautiful blue eyes. My sweetheart lover, pumpkin pie, just thinking of all of this puts a jizzy delightful warm feeling in my stomach. It is like walking into a candy store at the mall and getting that whiff of chocolate and caramel. I am smiling as I write and everything is smooth and creamy. The color would be mellow yellow and it is like laying in a field of wild flowers with a gentle warm breeze caressing your body. Thanks for being my lover. ILYWMWHASAMAB, Eddie

When Betty shared her letter with me, I could hardly contain the smile that seemed to be welling up in my chest. The thought crossed my mind as to how I think she will come up with things that are so hard for me to do, but as she wrote I realized that she is as easy as I am to please. As she described her feelings I was already feeling that sense of security and dreaminess. The more we talked the harder it was to capture and we both just realized it was better to sit arm in arm and just let the breeze caress over us. Enjoy the moment.


My most precious, Eddie. Your Most Endearing Quality is sometimes giving me space and then gently coaxing me back on purpose – to be organized to get ready on time. This answer is easy because we really lived it yesterday. A combination of loving our kids and grandkids together – with many loving glances to each other sharing how blessed we are. Having a romantic dinner at the Mexican Restaurant BAR! Talking about how to be Heroes for others. Coming home to a bubble bath and tender loving in candlelight to Barry White! And then playing a couple of games of Rummy-Q with each of us winning one game. So cordial! Finally, laughing and falling asleep to SNL. Romance is knowing glances, caring touches, giggly humor and dreamy tunes! Sharing this with you makes me feel overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s a gushing feeling bursting forth from my heart. Feels like the picture you see of Jesus of Divine Mercy only instead of mercy it’s just powerful, huge LOVE. It just makes me sway to the music of Nora Jones and feel the beat in my heart. I close my eyes and just let the dreaminess flow all over me like taking a shower of perfect warm water. For you it might be like slipping into a meditation or a nap and that euphoric feeling of everything being just perfect and safe. I love you so much…Ben

After hearing Ed’s loveletter and experiencing his idea of intimacy, I wanted to speak so he would know that I had heard his desire for intimacy with laughter and closeness and yet at the same time it was almost like I didn’t want to speak; I just wanted to drink in his visions. It was almost like words would ruin the essence. I just wanted to close my eyes and be and feel the mystery of the wind on my skin.


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