Do you ever see your kids as a burden?

Do you ever see your kids as a burden?

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One of the key ingredients to peace filled parenting is when we see our kids as a resource instead of a burden and responsibility.  Our 17 month old grandson loved to turn on the blender to help me make smoothies in the morning.  One morning I was in a rush and I was a little irritated when I found him pulling on my pant leg.  I told him I was in a rush so please turn on the blender.  He pointed past the blender instead of turning it on. I asked again, but he still pointed at the stove.  Finally I looked at the stove and saw the top to the blender sitting there.  I almost scared him to death as I screamed, “you are such a resource!”  If you are looking for resources you will find them and if you are looking for burdens you will find them too!

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