What does “let’s have fun with it” mean to you?


Lover Ben,

YMEQ is your soft loving way you asked me to slow down yesterday.  I truly appreciate when we are lovers first and business partners second!  Wow, don’t know where that came from, but that is at the core of “let’s have fun with it” for me.  When we are business partners getting the job done, we might be efficient, but to me that is not being a fine well oiled machine.  It is work!  At times it is stressful and boring.  When I think of having fun I think of being lovers.  Lovers give each other the benefit of the doubt, assume the best, build each other up and do what they can to make each other look good to others.  Then when we are lovers, playful teasing, dribbling and shooting clothes at each other, pretending to honk the horn when we are stuck in traffic etc. all make it fun!  Sweetheart lover pumpkin pie, I like the start we have made to being lovers and not just partners again.  I am feeling hope filled and mellow.  There is a sense of delight in my heart.  It is a fresh new day, calm still, sweet clear skies.  There is a lightness and grassy meadow floating feeling in my chest.  I see your smile and get little heart bursts of giddiness.  I can’t wait to share with you. ILYWMWHASAMAB,

Your Eddie



When I heard Eddies letter, I could almost feel the lightness and floating feeling.  I was feeling so loved and understood.  I could really feel my eyes light up as I looked into his eyes.  I knew I had the mental part, but he gave us the way to really make it happen and keep it alive. I love playing our silly games. I was really ready to share my letter with him.


Sweetheart Eddie,

Your MEQ this morning is to start our day off bright and early by focusing first on dialogue, and my first most significant thoughts go to affirming you and how it just changed my whole disposition. You are tender and loving and unselfish and I love your masculine quality of powering through and getting the job done. It is said that attitude is everything and these words about having fun come through strong and clear about not letting life get to me. It’s really just too easy to focus on the concerns of the day and keep saying, I don’t know how to handle that. But focusing instead, on how to lift it up to keeping focused on the joy of spending time with you and the others that we care about, and helping everyone feel supported. Fun brings a twinkle to my eyes and happiness to my spirit. I feel light and blue and yellow. There is no dread feeling in my gut – it’s mostly an airiness in my chest. Like taking deep breaths and feeling refreshed.

I love you, Ben


When Betty finished reading to me, I was both amazed and confirmed.  It amazed me that she could come to such a similar feeling by just looking at changing an attitude, and I came to it by thinking of what makes life fun.  I just wanted to drink in her beautiful sparkly deep blue eyes.  I felt so connected and loved.  I just wanted to take the day off and stay and play!

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