About Ed and Betty Coda

Our Sincere Passion is Helping You Make Parenting and Marriage the Everyday Joy It Should Be

When you tap into something special and exciting that can help others, we believe you share it.

After all, if you’ve discovered thoughts or actions that have really enhanced your life, the feeling you achieve by watching others benefit from them fills your heart with tremendous fulfillment.

That’s the simple mission behind Passionate Parent Passionate Couple – to share with you the secrets that have bound our marriage and family together in love and faith in a way that makes us feel fantastic.

Learn from Your Lessons and You Grow Beyond Belief

We became of age as children of the 60’s. We were baby boomers and hippies growing up during an era in which we felt compelled to question authority and explore new ideas.

At the core of this was a belief that we could design our own lives and spend it experiencing joy in everything we did.

We met and fell in love our freshman year of college and we decided to wait to get married until we finished school. The song that kept us going was, Wouldn’t It Be Nice? by the Beach Boys.

We believed (actually we absolutely knew) that no two people had ever been so in love and that no matter what life threw at us we could handle it.

Early on there were so many things we didn’t know and we learned many lessons the hard way. However, being a little naïve when you’re young opens you up to experiences and lessons that set a strong foundation for your lifetime.

Ed and Betty Coda share how they know in their heart you can have it all as they relate their inspiring story of how a family meeting focused on dreams changed their lives.

Nurture the Gifts That Come Forth Through Every Child

Four years of wedded bliss passed before our six children started arriving. When they did we vowed to recognize and honor their gifts and hang on to the magic that drew us together so passionately as a couple in college.

  • Jennifer (Jenny), our first-born, fulfilled our dream of being parents and is the typical responsible, down-to-earth, super-logical child.
  • Anthony (Tony), our first son, answered our prayer of having boys and he is the fun-loving, witty sports enthusiast who keeps us from getting too serious.
  • Kelleen (Kellie), with the challenges she presented, gave us the gift of being great parents because she forced us to hone our skills. Now she takes care of our family and others with her talent for healing.
  • Daniel (Danny), the thinker, was a breeze to raise. As a result we would often assume he would make good choices without parental input. Now he confronts us with knowledge and insight that keeps us on our toes and reflective about what’s next in our life.
  • Chryslyn (Chrysy), the cutest little lover always make everyone feel good about themselves, and she has a knack for getting huge tasks done and making them look easy.
  • Molly, the genuine peacemaker, pinpoints and validates everyone’s strengths as she encourages us all to work together harmoniously.

Raising six children is an incredible adventure. We learned little by little that on our own we could not handle the challenges that come with it—we needed support.

This guided us to a belief that we should not just seek support, but we should also become a beacon of light and support for others.

With this intention in our hearts, we built our primary support from marriage enrichments like Worldwide Marriage Encounter,™ Living in Love,™ and parenting courses from Ho’ala School and Nurturing Program, as well as from our best friends and our children.

Now, it is with gratitude and joy that we share our book, Passionate Parent Passionate Couple, which came to us as the result of our rich experiences—and now it is our gift to you.

We hope it makes your journey more joyful.

We encourage you to learn more about our Book and visit our For Couples page to learn our number one secret to maintaining life-long romantic intimacy.

It may not be what you think!