Laughter is great medicine!

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We just attended a great talk by Karyn Buxman! She wrote the book called “Lead with Laughter“.  During the talk she invited the entire audience to laugh hysterically for 2 minutes straight; then she described all the health benefits we just received.  We knew we liked laughing but now we know we cannot live without it!… Read More >

…that laughter is a barometer for your relationship! Sometimes life gets way too serious.  Yesterday we were laughing and joking a lot!  It was so life giving and refreshing.  Stress disappeared and we had fun!  How is your laughter barometer?

We have been told that we can’t do anything about the past, Worry about the future is silly because it’s not here yet. What we can do something about is this moment, here and now. We have decided that we will start blogging and sharing our lives again today. And even though it is April… Read More >

Ed Lover Ben, YMEQ is your soft loving way you asked me to slow down yesterday.  I truly appreciate when we are lovers first and business partners second!  Wow, don’t know where that came from, but that is at the core of “let’s have fun with it” for me.  When we are business partners getting… Read More >

Apparently only about 16% of people age 25 today are “saving” themselves for marriage.  Stats show that 78% of those who waited are still married.  But that still seems better than the 50+% divorce rate for all others.  I know with my whole heart and soul that I am happy we gave that precious, once… Read More >

How often do I box myself in with this one? Understanding how to let go is especially important for us in our parenting.  Kids know exactly and precisely how a wedge works.  It seems like they know instantly when we are not agreeing on how to handle a situation with them!  If they divide, they… Read More >

The realization that you can’t change others is huge and something I think I still don’t want to believe based on my actions. I always hope that sharing my expectations and dreams and caring for another will make them want to change for me. Ah ha! They have to change for themselves and my expectations… Read More >

BETTY- My sweetheart Eddie, Your Most Endearing Quality is helping us to carry through on our need to do this. Of course, I’m just racing with the excitement of the day and how easily I can get so distracted. Brother. You need to know that I am a jumble – obvious, I know, but what… Read More >

Putting negative labels on kids is one of the worse things you can do.  If you want a kid to be lazy, just keep saying, “You’re so lazy”.  If you want a kid to be stupid, just keep saying, “you’re so stupid”.  It can even be more subtle like, “he/she is good in sports but… Read More >

We really started to enjoy parenting when we learned the “game” of the belonging tank.  Imagine that each of your children has a tank like a gas tank, but it is called the belonging tank.  As long as that tank is full, your child is in full cooperation and your life is smooth sailing. As… Read More >