Ed: My lover Betty, YMEQ is your openness and joy in our lovemaking. This morning I feel so loved. Sweetheart, when I think of being romanced by you I think most of laughter and fun. I love our private jokes, our secret under that breath kidding of kids and grandkids “Say hi to the boogie… Read More >

Ed: Lover Benjie, YMEQ (Your Most Endearing Quality) is your love for and dogged determination to get back to Yosemite. I love your love for natural beauty. Honey, I do love our life of travel together. It is so awesome the way we love so many of the same things. Sweetheart, when I think of… Read More >

Living in Love Retreat

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We are Ed & Betty Coda, authors of the Amazon best-selling book, Passionate Parent Passionate Couple. For over 30 years we have been presenting couple retreats and classes to improve couple communication and we firmly believe that every marriage can and should be a permanent passionate love affair! We know that couples who stay successfully… Read More >

Passionate Parents in Love Webinar

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Passionate Parents in Love Friday May 10th, 2013 10am PST / 1pm EST FREE! Sign up at

(ED) Sweetheart, YMEQ is thinking of questions like this that keep our relationship sizzling- or least ready to sizzle. I can’t wait to get home tonight. Lover, my biggest regret is that we did not Facetime at all. I am sure we could have figured out how to make that work even if for the… Read More >

Many couples ask us, “What is the best way to keep passion and intimacy thriving?”  Most of them are surprised by our answer because it does not involve sex!  The answer we always give is dialogue. Dialogue is a technique which we use often and strive to use daily that involves writing and then sharing… Read More >

Passionate Parent Events

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The purpose of the study group is to explore with parents and teachers the context of teaching & parenting as practiced in the Ho`ala Philosophy for Education.  Participants will consider ways of structuring their homes and classrooms to support mutual respect, cooperation, and effective action. Some examples of topics covered: How adults can support children… Read More >

Sharing feelings is a major way to share the real you. Thoughts, judgments, opinions and ideas are all decisions that you have incorporated into your life. You can decide to change any of these at any time. For instance, I might have my favorite restaurant. But the one time I get a meal or server… Read More >

We just had the honor and blessing of presenting a Living in Love Weekend on the island of Kauai. It was refreshing to hear once again one of our favorite inspirational concepts of the experience which captures one of the grandest differences in the way that males and females seek and attain intimacy in their… Read More >

Many people we know including ourselves really want to live a happy, joy-filled life.  The irony is that if you spend your life striving to live a happy, joy-filled life you may seldom find it!  The reason is that happy and joy are feelings.  Feelings come and go like the wind and they are reactions to… Read More >