Make Marriage and Parenting Your Greatest Pleasure

Return to the joy and excitement that drew you together in love and faith


Passionate Parent
 Passionate Couple
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By Ed & Betty Coda


Keep Passion Alive After the Children Arrive


Life isn’t a fairytale, but it definitely shouldn’t be drudgery either. Your decision to marry and start a family came with a promise to each other that it would lead to great joy and a wonderful life together.

So why not take inspired actions and make this promise your everyday experience? Believe it or not, it really is possible to be great parents and an exciting, loving couple.

Having raised six children and been married for more than 40 years, Ed and Betty Coda have walked and ran and laughed and cried in your shoes.

Join them as they take you through a fun, empowering journey that will open your spirit to a refreshing mindset that will help you grow stronger in faith as a couple and a family.

Through their heartfelt and inspiring book, Passionate Parent Passionate Couple, Ed and Betty Coda provide you with practical wisdom and upbeat, moving insights about how you can:

  • Create a foundation of love, trust and support that pulls your family together
  • Rejoice in your children and strengthen your marriage through parenting
  • Develop clear, honest communication skills that include fun and humor
  • Cultivate an environment of belonging and generosity within your home
  • And so much more


Learn tools that make parenting less stressful and more joyful

It’s not easy being great parents and a passionate couple. When you bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital they don’t come with an instruction manual.

And they require so much of your attention that you can soon find yourself wondering what happened to the passion in your marriage.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to “other people” who are quick to tell you, “That’s just what happens when the honeymoon ends and the kids show up.”

Instead, open your heart to more love and allow it to come into your life.

Through many years, 10-minute warnings, countdowns and numerous other standoffs with their children, Ed and Betty grew to love each other more each day by always asking themselves:

“What can we do to make today fun?”

With six children of their own, Ed and Betty Coda know the frustrations and celebrations that come with marriage and parenthood. In Passionate Parent Passionate Couple, they share:

  • Effective tools for raising healthy, well-adjusted children
  • Secrets to keeping romance alive and well within your marriage
  • Techniques for making marriage a permanent passionate love affair
  • Ideas that make parenting a stress-free joy – most of the time
  • Strategies that honor belonging, praise, thanks and forgiveness

When you read Passionate Parent Passionate Couple you’ll discover how to rejoice in the lives of your children and bring joy and excitement to your marriage through parenting.


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“Being a consistent role model is one of the most valuable qualities a parent can have in order to raise responsible and caring children. I can attest to the fact that Ed and Betty have done that role modeling very well. They keep their love for each other strong and they role model that marital love as parents. They are like magnets and their family is awesome because of it.”

─Nancy Graber Canubida, Psy.D., LCSW

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