Passionate Parent, Passionate Couple

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About the Authors

Ed and Betty CodaEd and Betty Coda are dedicated to helping couples achieve romance, fulfillment and happiness in their marriages. Married over 40 years, Ed and Betty’s commitment to both their children and each other has stood the test of time. After four years of marriage they welcomed the birth of their first child wanting to be the very best parents. Then they began to enhance their couple relationship by presenting as a team couple for Worldwide Marriage Encounter tm. After having their 6th child, it became obvious that the skills they learned from Marriage Encounter needed a counterpart for their parenting. In 1984, they began taking Ho’ala Educational Philosophy Parenting Classes which created a thriving environment for their children’s learning, while creating unifying family values in their home.

With six children and nine grandchildren, Ed and Betty have shown that love, communication and patience are core ingredients for a happy marriage and successful parenting. Through both triumphs and tragedies, the Codas have witnessed their marriage transform into one of genuine love, respect and renewable passion. Today, four of their six children and two of their spouses work side by side with them in their financial planning business – their dream come true. Ed and Betty’s inspirational words can help empower any couple to rekindle the romance and enhance it through what they have titled Couple 1st Parenting. They love to share their vast knowledge through retreats and enrichment experiences especially, Living in Love tm , in addition to webinars and presentations. The Codas reside in Hawaii where they enjoy the beach and spending time with their family and friends who strive for the same relationship values. Ed has also co-authored another bestselling book, Your Dream Machine, which is available as a Media Book on Amazon.