We have been told that we can’t do anything about the past, Worry about the future is silly because it’s not here yet. What we can do something about is this moment, here and now. We have decided that we will start blogging and sharing our lives again today. And even though it is April… Read More >

The realization that you can’t change others is huge and something I think I still don’t want to believe based on my actions. I always hope that sharing my expectations and dreams and caring for another will make them want to change for me. Ah ha! They have to change for themselves and my expectations… Read More >

Putting negative labels on kids is one of the worse things you can do.  If you want a kid to be lazy, just keep saying, “You’re so lazy”.  If you want a kid to be stupid, just keep saying, “you’re so stupid”.  It can even be more subtle like, “he/she is good in sports but… Read More >

We really started to enjoy parenting when we learned the “game” of the belonging tank.  Imagine that each of your children has a tank like a gas tank, but it is called the belonging tank.  As long as that tank is full, your child is in full cooperation and your life is smooth sailing. As… Read More >

When I was a young parent I used to get irritated when one of the little one’s asked if they could help with something that was way over their heads or I could do more efficiently myself.  Now with grandkids, when they say, “Can I Help?”, I immediately say yes, then start thinking of some… Read More >

One of the key ingredients to peace filled parenting is when we see our kids as a resource instead of a burden and responsibility.  Our 17 month old grandson loved to turn on the blender to help me make smoothies in the morning.  One morning I was in a rush and I was a little… Read More >

What happens to me when I am feeling overwhelmed and HDIFSTWY?   Ed: Lover Benjie, YMEQ is you’re your willingness to share your overwhelm with me. It allowed me to see my overwhelm too. Lover when I am overwhelmed I find it easy to fly from one project to another without finishing any.  For me… Read More >

Has your child ever lied to you?  Remember trust CANNOT be earned.  Trust is a gift and a decision.  We all make mistakes in judgement and we will do it again because we are human.  Make the decision to trust and see what happens! Love Ed and Betty

“I’m sorry” makes you feel better.  “Please forgive me” lets the one you’ve hurt have a chance to feel better before forgiving you! Self centered vs other centered.

After you catch your kid/s doing something right…

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When you find your kid/s doing something right, praise with sincerity. “Danny. thank you for helping Chrysy find her shoes – that was sooooo helpful.”