Energize Your Next Event with Ed and Betty Coda

“As one of the top coaches in the world I can say that working with Ed and Betty Coda have redefined what I believe is possible in business. The Coda’s are truly a rare find in this world, an invaluable resource on finances, relationships and beyond.”

─Sarano Kelley, Author and Coach

Ed and Betty Coda have revived and energized thousands of couples and families with their heartfelt book, Passionate Parent Passionate Couple.

Their upbeat experience of marriage and family as a permanent love affair shines brightly through their:

  • Conference keynote addresses
  • Group sessions
  • Inspirational retreats
  • Workshops and author forms forums

Invite Ed and Betty to Speak to Your Group

Ed and Betty Coda are deeply committed to helping others. They thoroughly enjoy spreading their message that parenting and marriage can be a life-long blessed journey that fills your heart with endless joy, and leaves a legacy your family can cherish for generations to come.

The proof of this phenomenon is that the close relationship they’ve developed over the years has led the Coda children to be an integral part of the financial planning business started by Ed and Betty.

Through this endeavor businesses discover that helping employees live God (spirituality) first, family second and business third is the surest way to increase cooperation, efficiency, and profitability.

Ed and Betty Coda’s dynamic presentation style is fun, upbeat and fast moving. They are always happy to talk with you about how they can support your organization by speaking to it on topics that include:

  • Passionate parents in love—permanently!
  • Natural family planning (certified instructors since 1982)
  • Nurturing your children’s real needs
  • Effective words – Learn how to say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Keeping the passion alive after the children arrive
  • Increasing profits is a matter of priorities, but they’re not what you think!
  • Transforming sex to be a sacred and unifying non-verbal communication
  • Achieving cooperation brings peace and serenity to your home
  • Experience kids as a resource and joy – not just as a responsibility and burden


Please Contact Ed and Betty today to discuss your next event, and how they can inject it with their unique passionate Aloha spirit that will excite and enliven your entire group.



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Living in Love Retreat

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We are Ed & Betty Coda, authors of the Amazon best-selling book, Passionate Parent Passionate Couple. For over 30 years we have been presenting couple retreats and classes to improve couple communication and we firmly believe that every marriage can and should be a permanent passionate love affair! We know that couples who stay successfully… Read More >

Passionate Parents in Love Webinar

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Passionate Parents in Love Friday May 10th, 2013 10am PST / 1pm EST FREE! Sign up at http://www.entheos.com/Dont-Sweat-the-Small-Stuff-for-Moms/Ed-and-Betty-Coda