Passionate Parent Passionate Couple Success Stories

Shared from the heart by our friends and colleagues

If you really want to learn about the heartfelt joy and appreciation for parenting and romance that pours from those who have read our book and attended our events—we invite you to read the thoughts of those whose lives we’ve been fortunate enough to touch.

Through the years many of them have been open and generous in their willingness to share their experiences.

We encourage you to learn more about us through their moving stories, which we very much appreciate.

Ed and Betty Coda

Ed and Betty Coda’s love and passion for each other and their close family relationships are very visible and contagious. We have known Ed and Betty for over 30 years and whenever we are with them, they touch our hearts with their warmth, joy and deep commitment to continually work on having an exciting and passionate marriage relationship and maintaining a close family bond with all of their children. -Eunice Paglinawan

When I’m with Ed and Betty, there’s a feeling of peace and acceptance for who I am. I know that they are listening when I express my thoughts or feelings…..They are compassionate and will go the distance for you. -Vic Canubida

They are the real deal! The Coda family lives what they preach. We’ve seen many of the concepts outlined in the book in practice in their family. As parents of a family with two young kids, we feel fortunate to know Ed and Betty and benefit from their advice, encouragement, and their example. -Teresa Hei

I have observed first-hand the unbridled success these concepts have produced in every family that applies them. Ed and Betty Coda have perfected the “recipes”, now it’s time for us to “cook” successful families with those recipes. I have closely observed Ed, Betty and their family for over 20 years…. this stuff works. -Janice Takemoto-Gentile

The Coda’s writing of a book on parenting could not be more appropriate. To witness their family in action is the epitome of how a family should be. Their love for each other is truly visible in their children and grandchildren. -Ron Gochenouer

Ed and Betty are an inspiration to us as a couple and as parents as we observe them in their own relationship and in their relationships with their children. -Lauren and Hazel Wong

As a newly married couple, having a model of what lasting love looks like – while balancing both family & career – is essential to us. Ed & Betty Coda have long been our model of what real, lasting love looks like in action. We have had the honor to witness the results they have produced in their own lives and hope to create such love in our own relationship. They are the best example we know of what living in love is all about. -Gabe and Iris Stepanic

I have known Ed and Betty for many years. I not only have experienced Ed and Betty as a couple in marriage and friends with joy, but I have also had the pleasure of knowing Ed and Betty as passionate and loving parents to me as if I were their own. My husband and I have witnessed their success in all aspects of life. We only hope to follow the same path and be as honestly happy as they are. -Brianna & Julio Fuentes

As one of the top coaches in the world I have worked with the richest families and the poorest families, working with Ed and the Coda family redefined how I think about business and what I believe is possible in business. The Coda’s are truly a rare find in this world, an invaluable resource on finances, relationships and beyond. -Sarano Kelley, Author and Coach

Ed and Betty Coda are inspirational. They played a large role in the reason our family exists today. From their knowledge of Natural Family Planning to their inherent love and passion for people, parenthood, and progeny, Ed and Betty are the ultimate example of family excellence. -Aaron & Kimberly Meyer

Betty and Ed are our dear friends that always gave us good advice, so we made them our parenting consultants. It is their counsel on making our marriage the center of our lives that provides our kids with the security to be themselves. We are so grateful to have them in our lives! -Jay Trygstad

In Ed and Betty’s sharing of their relationship with us, we have seen the struggles that couples go through. They bare themselves to us, giving me hope and renewing my belief in a passionate, accepting, and forgiving marriage. They are an inspiration to me. -Teresa Gochenouer

“The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” These words from the first chapter of the Gospel of John summarize the most wonderful thing God has done for us. He became one of us in Jesus Christ, forever uniting human flesh and divine life. This volume by Ed and Betty Coda makes more explicit that union between divine and human, flesh and spirit that is God’s plan for us all, especially for married couples. It is a gift to remind us that God wants to meet us in the ordinary aspects of our lives. -Most Reverend Larry Silva, Catholic Bishop of Honolulu

Ed and Betty made a huge contribution to our school and its families by being so open in their search for better ways to relate to each other and their children. Their essays in our school newsletter showed all the bumps in their road to more respect, communication, and peace at home. Their wonderful sense of humor and great honesty make it so very enjoyable and empowering to listen to them. -Jef Fern, Teacher, Ho`ala School

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