We just had the honor and blessing of presenting a Living in Love Weekend on the island of Kauai. It was refreshing to hear once again one of our favorite inspirational concepts of the experience which captures one of the grandest differences in the way that males and females seek and attain intimacy in their… Read More >

Too often it is easy to get caught up in the ” burden” of parenting.  We are so busy with our own lives that we only seem to notice the annoying things that our kids are doing.  We are constantly yelling “stop”, “don’t do that”, or “why can’t you behave?”.  At these times parenting can seem… Read More >

Thanks for your love and support.  Because you have downloaded our book, we are now up to number 2 in the Child Care category for books on Kindle.  We are so thankful.  Love Ed & Betty

Having children who grow up to be caring, loving, other-centered people. Realizing that it’s not what job they do, but how they treat other people. Keeps us on our toes to be the best model for them possible. Gives us many opportunities to be the best listener for them. Let’s us play and learn to… Read More >