How Dreams Become Reality

I’d like to share one of our key truths about making dreams come true. The truth is that “As you move toward your dream it moves toward you!” Some people are led down a path that makes them think they manifest things by themselves. We always believed that you must Dream, Pray then Go! That is exactly how Passionate Parent Passionate Couple came into being.

The more you do to make your dream real the more God responds to you. Writing it down is usually the easiest first step, but then you must take active and passive action. Active action involves the steps you take to move toward your dream. Passive action is being ready to recognize and respond to the gifts that God sends you along the way.

For instance, in 2002 at a seminar I (Ed Coda) wrote in a journal that I would write a book. Betty, however, was not excited or ready when I shared that with her.  In 2007 we were both attending a function where we were given a coupon for a “free” book-writing seminar. That is where God delivered something that inspired both of us to be on the same page about writing our book!

If it is your passion, dreams are like seeds planted.  The more you water and fertilize by taking action steps, the bigger and faster they will sprout and grow.  However, the rain and sunshine you have no control over.  These are the passive gifts you must be ready to receive and that’s why you have to pray.  Some seeds or dreams happen instantly and some are like oak trees which may take years. 

In summary, find your passion and start to dream. Pray every day to know what active action steps to take and to recognize and accept the passive action that comes to you! Remember that dreams are like seeds that germinate on their own schedule and time frame so never give up.


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