After attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend in 1976, and recognizing how much we were taking our relationship for granted, we committed to attending at least one renewal experience a year to spice up and recharge our marriage.  Ironically, as part of that commitment, we chose to attend the “Smart Marriage Conference” in San Francisco… Read More >

I’d like to share one of our key truths about making dreams come true. The truth is that “As you move toward your dream it moves toward you!” Some people are led down a path that makes them think they manifest things by themselves. We always believed that you must Dream, Pray then Go! That… Read More >

Check for yourself.  How do you act when a reckless driver cuts too closely in front of you?  What do you do when someone makes a joke about you in front of others?  What do you do when your spouse or loved one does not show up or is very late to meet you? These… Read More >

What are some of your favorite family traditions? Traditions. They are a vibrant part of our lives in our childhood. They may get adjusted as we join our life to another when we marry. They blossom and bloom as we develop our new family traditions with our children’s input. It’s easy to create new traditions… Read More >

Too often it is easy to get caught up in the ” burden” of parenting.  We are so busy with our own lives that we only seem to notice the annoying things that our kids are doing.  We are constantly yelling “stop”, “don’t do that”, or “why can’t you behave?”.  At these times parenting can seem… Read More >

Thanks for your love and support.  Because you have downloaded our book, we are now up to number 2 in the Child Care category for books on Kindle.  We are so thankful.  Love Ed & Betty

Having children who grow up to be caring, loving, other-centered people. Realizing that it’s not what job they do, but how they treat other people. Keeps us on our toes to be the best model for them possible. Gives us many opportunities to be the best listener for them. Let’s us play and learn to… Read More >

Did you ever wonder why we have greater than a 50% divorce rate in our country?  Do you see 50% of married couples fighting and bickering and ready to split at the drop of a pin?  I doubt it.  Mostly you see couples living their life, following daily routines, settled down, and then all of… Read More >

Especially in this season where so many of us experience so much joy there a countless numbers who experience emptiness, loneliness, and depression.  It is also the time when the idea of divorce runs rampant.  Why?  It’s because somewhere along the line we as a culture and society have forgotten that Love is NOT a… Read More >

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